Alfresco and Outdoor Rooms

Alfresco living at its best!

Retractable Insect Screens Patio/Alfresco Area
Alfresco dining and outdoor living rooms are a popular trend in new home construction; this trend in outdoor living is synonymous with Australian culture and by all indications is here to stay.

Retractable insect screens can transform a patio or alfresco area into functional insect free living environment providing the ambience of being outdoors, natural ventilation, without annoying insects.

Home owners will experience outdoor entertaining with the convenience of inside living and truly appreciate the added comfort that screening the room offers.

Our Monarch range of retractable screens are smooth and easy to operate, our patented barrier free threshold is only 3mm high providing safe passage in and out of the room.

When not in use the mesh is neatly stored in protective housings to the side of the opening providing an open feeling to the room. The housing protects the mesh from dust and air borne pollutants providing a cleaner living environment.

Installation is easy, there is no need for alterations to the structure, the screen is supplied pre-manufactured ready to install or installation can be arranged by National Screens.

National Screens is a leading specialist in retractable insect screens, our patio system uses the latest in pleated screening technology.

The screen has a building in tolerance of +/- 15mm and is supplied pre manufactured to size ready for installation. This manually operated screen is safe and smooth to operate. The floor guide is only 3mm high which is installed using double sided tape providing safe passage in and out of the room, sashes are easily removed for cleaning and come with a 5 year limited guarantee.

The integration of our retractable patio screen provides the opportunity to set your projects apart adding value, style and functionally to your home designs.

Providing the perfect finishing touch to a Alfreso or entertaining  room on your housing projects.


The Monarch range of advanced retractable insect screens will transform your patio or alfresco room into functional insect free room.

Outdoor dining and entertainment rooms are gaining popularity as a major focal point in new home design and lifestyle. Sadly mosquitoes, fly’s and other annoying insects spoil the experience of outdoor living and dining.

Retractable insect screens are the perfect solution for creating an insect free environment whilst maintaining the look and feeling of an open space. Our pleated retractable insect screens store conveniently to the side of the opening when not in use and easily opened when insect protection is required.

The Monarch range of retractable insect screens provides the protection from insects that your family deserves. Our patented pleated retractable insect screens are the perfect balance of performance, functionality and aesthetic appeal adding value to your home and lifestyle.

Imagine relaxing with family and friends enjoying fresh evening breezes and dinner parties without annoying insects, this is the lifestyle you deserve.

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