Retractable Screens for Doorways

Mozzie Curtains vs. Retractable Fly Screens

The primary function of installing insect screens is to protect your family from disease carrying insects.
A mozzie curtain is one of many cleaver solutions that have come onto the market that is promoted to keep insects out of the home.
A mozzie curtain is a piece of fabric that has a series of unsightly magnets that in theory will close the curtain as you walk in and out of the room.
Its main function is to protect your family from annoying insects at an affordable price.
They are certainly cheap and look great in the online store catalogues.
Do these eyesores that are hanging on your biggest most treasured investment really work?
Predominantly supplied from Asia this form of screening may be acceptable in that part of the world but are really up to the expectations of Australians?
Take a look at the photos, and you will quickly draw your own conclusion.

Personally I would not have them hanging on my front door!

A far more practical and stylish solution for keeping unwanted pests out of the home are retractable insect screen.
There are several varieties of retractable fly screens on the market, Flat mesh and Pleated mesh.
Our favoured and most used on entry doors, French doors, Bi Fold doors and stacker doors is a pleated retractable insect screen called the Monarch ExThe Monarch Ex retractable flyscreen door is designed specifically for screening doors, it has a low profile track that seals the insect mesh to the floor providing the ultimate in insect protection.
The screen is very easy to use and when not in use the insect mesh is retracted into a protective housing completely out of site keeping the mesh clean and reducing fading and potential damage. This modern stylish retractable insect screen is a fitting addition to the home and provides piece of mind that you and your family are protected from disease carrying insects. I know which product I would rather hanging on my front door!

Check out the photos and tells us which screen you would prefer!



The Monarch Ex Screen is available exclusively from National Screens.