Monarch Ex Retractable Insect Screens

Monarch Ex FAQ

Can the screen be stopped at any point along the opening or must it fully retract like “Roller” screen systems?

Due to the unique tensioning system the screen can stop at any position. There are no braking systems or excessive force required to operate or stop Monarch Ex.

Is Monarch Ex a “Retracting Roller” type screen?

No, and as such does not have some of the inherent problems associated with “Roller” screen systems. Monarch Ex is less prone to screen blowout. The screen is gently maneuvered into the desired position and does not require a troublesome braking system to stop the screen fully opening with undue force.

Can I choose which direction the door can slide?

Yes, but you must make this choice when placing the order • Does the screen meet the necessary fire prevention requirements for bush fire prone regions? No, this is a screen not a fire resistant mesh.

If the kids or family pets damage the mesh can it be replaced?

Yes, all the client has to do is tell us the code that is fixed to the head guide of the door and new mesh can be made to the exact size originally supplied.

Is the replacement mesh easy to install?

Not really, it is recommended that the mesh be fitted by the company who did the original installation this can be time consuming and labour can be expensive. Alternatively we can supply the main component set that houses the mesh; this can be installed by most DIY customers in less than 10 minutes.

If the mesh stretches or becomes loose can I adjust it tight again?

Yes, the installation and maintenance instructions show how to tension the mesh; it is not difficult and only takes a few minutes.

How do I clean my Monarch Ex?

Use a feather duster or soft dry sponge and wipe the mesh in a vertical direction, cleaning can also be achieved using a light detergent and water mixture but can be messy.

Is Monarch Ex totally insect proof?

Monarch Ex offers superior insect protection over other types of screen systems that have been specifically designed for use with French Doors or large openings. No insect screen is totally insect- proof, • What do I do if the mesh is subject to blowout/rumbling? Simply open and close the door fully 1-2 times and the mesh will realign itself back into position

Can my Monarch Ex be adjusted in Size?

No, Monarch Ex is custom-manufactured to suit each installation; the system adjusts +/- 15mm in width and +/- 15mm in height.

What do the small plastic clips do at the top and bottom of the mesh?

The clips retain the mesh in position resisting wind blow out.

Can I install my Monarch Ex?

It is recommended that a professional installer be engaged to install the screen.

When is the best time to install my Monarch Ex?

Our recommendation is to install Monarch Ex at the final stage of the project or renovation. The best time is at final clean down or around the installation of kitchen appliances etc.

How long does it take to install?

Installation time varies depending on the size and type of door to be installed and any preparation of the opening that may be required. As a guide, a 2.1m x 4.0m wide screen will take 45-60 minutes. Here’s our first tip: Take a little time to review the instructions before you start