Retractable Screens Protecting Your Family

Certain regions of Australia have mosquito populations that can transmit diseases like Ross river fever and Equine Encephalitis that can pose a serious risk to your health. Many Australian families who have installed Bi-folds or French Doors and stacker doors without screening protection will be in the habit of shutting their doors as evening approaches to stop annoying and dangerous insects entering the home.

Retreactable Insect Screens to Protect your Family

Installing a retractable fly screen door lets you enjoy the cool evening breezes longer without the risk of mosquitoes and other un-invited pests entering the home.
The Monarch range of retractable fly screens exclusive to National Screen are perfect for protection from mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects.
Monarch retractable fly screens are manufactured using pleated mesh technology that incorporates a low profile sill, easy glide operating system and anti-blow-out retention system that lets cool air in and keeps insect’s out.

Modern Bi-Fold Doors and Retractable Fly Screens

Bi-fold doors, also known as multi-folding doors gained popularity in Architectural home design during the early 1990′s. David McKenzie founder of National Screens pioneered the development of sophisticated architectural bi-fold door systems making it possible to construct watertight, multi-panel doors allowing designers to open up homes bringing the outside in.

Bi-fold doors gained further momentum in the early 2000’s and it was soon apparent that a practical insect screen solution would be required as conventional fixed fly screen doors were not suitable for use on bi-fold doors. National Screens led the way with development our industry first “barrier free” pleated retractable fly screen door specifically designed for use on Bi-fold doors.

First released 2004 10 years later our Monarch Series of retractable fly screens continues to lead the market for price, functionality and style. If your considering installing a bi-fold door or have one installed and want the full benefit of natural ventilation without annoying insects consider the benefits of installing our award winning Monarch Ex retractable flyscreen door this summer.

Large Bi-Fold door with Monarch Ex Retractable Fly ScreenMonarch Ex Double Retractable Insect Screen installed on a Bi-Fold DoorBi-Fold Doors become more functional with a Retractable Fly Screen Installed

French Doors

French Doors first appeared during the 17th century, this was a period when renaissance art and architecture was constantly changing influencing of new ideas. French doors originated as windows that reached the floor providing access to small balconies.
French Doors with Retractable Insect Screens Installed French Doors with Monarch Ex Retractable Fly Screens
Modern home designs incorporating French doors to provide a sense of openness and beauty.
French doors have evolved greatly since their conception and have more purposes than originally intended. Modern homes incorporating French doors provide a sense of openness increased ventilation and natural lighting.
Traditionally French doors or double entry doors did not provide a practical insect screen solution. In the past home owners would hang inefficient mosquito curtains, or install cumbersome fly screen doors that swing into the room taking up space.
As French doors have evolved so has screening of these popular doors. Our Monarch Ex pleated retractable fly screen door is the perfect answer for efficient practical screening of French Doors.
For more details on this industry leading retractable insect screen take a look at
Stained Wood French Doors with Retractable Fly ScreensModern Household with Retractable Insect Screens on French Doors

Key Points of Difference Pleated Screens V’s Flat Mesh Screens Retractable Insect Screens

Below find the major differences when comparing our unique range of “Pleated Retractable Insect Screens” to traditional “Flat Mesh Retractable Screens”.

The Monarch Range of “Pleated Retractable Insect Screens”, as the name suggests, are manufactured using a Pleated Polyester Insect Mesh that is considered to be more durable than fibreglass mesh and is the foundation of the unique features that our screen systems offer. Many of the features of our screen are not possible using conventional Flat Mesh Retractable Screens.

The Monarch Range of “Pleated Retractable Insect Screens”, look more like an up- market blind than an insect screen, the mesh is attractive and does not impede the view. Yet when you get close to the door opening the screen is more visible than Flat Mesh Screens reducing the incidence of people and animals walking into the screen.
Close Up of Pleated Mesh From a Retractable Fly Screen
Monarch Plus and Monarch Maxi “Pleated Retractable Insect Screens”, have a guide channel that holds the screen in position at the sill. When the screen is opened mesh channel guide retracts, leaving nothing on the floor for you to trip over when entering or exiting the room. Conventional Flat mesh retractable screens have a channel fitted to the floor that sits up between 20 and 35mm high this can be dangerous to the un-initiated. You do have the option of rebating the flat mesh guide into the floor which can be costly and difficult to keep clean.

The Monarch Range of “Pleated Retractable Insect Screens”, have a special clip that connects to the insect mesh which assists in stopping the screen from blowing out of the track when there is a breeze. A similar clip is installed at the head of the screen. This improves the effectiveness of screen to keep insects out. Conventional Flat Mesh Retractable screens have no such system to stop the mesh from releasing from the channel guides.
Butterfly Clips system on Pleated Retractable Fly Screens
Monarch; “Pleated Retractable Insect Screens”, do not use a tensioned spring or a counter balance mechanism to operate the screen. Thus the screen is not under tension and can be moved as fast or as slow as you like without the risk of the screen slipping out of your hand and fully retracting. This feature also eliminates the need for a brake to be fitted to the screen making the screen safer and easier to operate, especially for children.
Conventional Retractable screens only use a spring tensioned concept of operation and thus when operated the screen either fully retracts or requires a brake or barrel bolt fitted to stop the screen in position, which at times can be difficult to operate.

Monarch; “Pleated Retractable Insect Screens”, have been specifically developed to screen large openings and as such it is the unique features outlined above that set our screens apart from our competitors.

Monarch; “Pleated Retractable Insect Screens”, are easy to fit and are supplied fully manufactured ready to install. The screen has a building in tolerance of +/- 10mm and can be adjusted to suit jambs that are up to 10mm out of plumb. There are no brakes to fit or on site adjustment required of the operating system.

Mozzie Curtains vs. Retractable Fly Screens

The primary function of installing insect screens is to protect your family from disease carrying insects.
A mozzie curtain is one of many cleaver solutions that have come onto the market that is promoted to keep insects out of the home.
A mozzie curtain is a piece of fabric that has a series of unsightly magnets that in theory will close the curtain as you walk in and out of the room.
Its main function is to protect your family from annoying insects at an affordable price.
They are certainly cheap and look great in the online store catalogues.
Do these eyesores that are hanging on your biggest most treasured investment really work?
Predominantly supplied from Asia this form of screening may be acceptable in that part of the world but are really up to the expectations of Australians?
Take a look at the photos, and you will quickly draw your own conclusion.

Personally I would not have them hanging on my front door!

A far more practical and stylish solution for keeping unwanted pests out of the home are retractable insect screen.
There are several varieties of retractable fly screens on the market, Flat mesh and Pleated mesh.
Our favoured and most used on entry doors, French doors, Bi Fold doors and stacker doors is a pleated retractable insect screen called the Monarch ExThe Monarch Ex retractable flyscreen door is designed specifically for screening doors, it has a low profile track that seals the insect mesh to the floor providing the ultimate in insect protection.
The screen is very easy to use and when not in use the insect mesh is retracted into a protective housing completely out of site keeping the mesh clean and reducing fading and potential damage. This modern stylish retractable insect screen is a fitting addition to the home and provides piece of mind that you and your family are protected from disease carrying insects. I know which product I would rather hanging on my front door!

Check out the photos and tells us which screen you would prefer!



The Monarch Ex Screen is available exclusively from National Screens.


Alfresco living at its best!

Retractable Insect Screens Patio/Alfresco Area
Alfresco dining and outdoor living rooms are a popular trend in new home construction; this trend in outdoor living is synonymous with Australian culture and by all indications is here to stay.

Retractable insect screens can transform a patio or alfresco area into functional insect free living environment providing the ambience of being outdoors, natural ventilation, without annoying insects.

Home owners will experience outdoor entertaining with the convenience of inside living and truly appreciate the added comfort that screening the room offers.

Our Monarch range of retractable screens are smooth and easy to operate, our patented barrier free threshold is only 3mm high providing safe passage in and out of the room.

When not in use the mesh is neatly stored in protective housings to the side of the opening providing an open feeling to the room. The housing protects the mesh from dust and air borne pollutants providing a cleaner living environment.

Installation is easy, there is no need for alterations to the structure, the screen is supplied pre-manufactured ready to install or installation can be arranged by National Screens.

National Screens is a leading specialist in retractable insect screens, our patio system uses the latest in pleated screening technology.

The screen has a building in tolerance of +/- 15mm and is supplied pre manufactured to size ready for installation. This manually operated screen is safe and smooth to operate. The floor guide is only 3mm high which is installed using double sided tape providing safe passage in and out of the room, sashes are easily removed for cleaning and come with a 5 year limited guarantee.

The integration of our retractable patio screen provides the opportunity to set your projects apart adding value, style and functionally to your home designs.

Providing the perfect finishing touch to a Alfreso or entertaining  room on your housing projects.


The Monarch range of advanced retractable insect screens will transform your patio or alfresco room into functional insect free room.

Outdoor dining and entertainment rooms are gaining popularity as a major focal point in new home design and lifestyle. Sadly mosquitoes, fly’s and other annoying insects spoil the experience of outdoor living and dining.

Retractable insect screens are the perfect solution for creating an insect free environment whilst maintaining the look and feeling of an open space. Our pleated retractable insect screens store conveniently to the side of the opening when not in use and easily opened when insect protection is required.

The Monarch range of retractable insect screens provides the protection from insects that your family deserves. Our patented pleated retractable insect screens are the perfect balance of performance, functionality and aesthetic appeal adding value to your home and lifestyle.

Imagine relaxing with family and friends enjoying fresh evening breezes and dinner parties without annoying insects, this is the lifestyle you deserve.

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